Main Usage:

How to decorate and design background wall’s effect,our customers often don’t know how to choose from?Often confuse what effect will there be if this kind of material finished in their own house......Take it easy,today,I’ll introduce you a software that researched and developed by our company-4Design Background Wall Software.

Using Platform:

use the platform can be desktop computers, laptop computers,touch screen can also be used.Can be used window2000、windowsXP、windows Vista、windows8、windowsNT other operating systems.


4Design Software teach you how to make beautiful background wall rendering,to help customers experience the tie-in decoration effect of soft package,hard package,painting in their house.As the display is clear and distinct,customers can participate in background wall decoration design.Experience high-end marketing,meanwhile,deepen communication among customers,meet their different needs.

Background Wall Renderings:

Software Features:

  • 1、functional space selection function (This software now offers more than 250 sets of different styles of functional spaces);
  • 2、the material self-add functionality (customers can add their own software packages, hard pack, latex, leather and other materials into the software;
  • 3、condominiums Figure buffet add functionality (available to customers camera filmed the scene, then add to the software, you can easily select a material);
  • 4、soft package design features modules: set width and height Background wall, soft pack size, soft pack set at different angles spellings: inclined to fight softpack, the word spelling, diamond spelling ......
  • 5、give the package a key to switch to a different hard leather show different results, cost savings proofing;
  • 6、in real time saved for next time to continue to operate, or generate immediate Background wall renderings, and print output;
  • 7、automatic presentation capabilities;
  • 8、free online upgrade feature;
  • 9、multiple languages to choose from.
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