Main Usage:

Mosaic is very smart and varied, arbitrary mosaic art, 4Design developed a professional and efficient mosaic paving design software that specializes in store display design, tender engineering, design and production of construction and other work requirements for Mosaic dealers, which powerful mosaic design features and realistic display of results for businesses solve a lot of worries, let mosaic sales up easier, but also enhance their corporate image!


Use the platform can be desktop computers, laptop computers, touch screen can also be used. Can be used for windows8, windows7, window2000, windowsXP, windows Vista, windowsNT other operating systems.


instead of 2-3 days’design time, just a few minutes, you can solve the original design, construction cumbersome workflow. Can quickly complete the puzzle mosaic art design, mosaic blending, gradient design and external works, swimming pool project, discos bars and clubs and other large mosaic design engineering puzzles.

Mosaic Design Rendering:


Feature of Software:

  • 1、Function rooms’ selection(There’re 250 rooms of different styles for choice currently);
  • 2、Self-help accretion of materials (Users can add their own pictures of curtain,cloth,etc. into the software’s gallery);
  • 3、Self-help accretion of room types(Users can use camera to shot down the scenes,add to the software,then select materials easily );
  • 4、Depending on the size to create room (Room without a client's case, the customer can enter the length, width, height, to create a 3D model of the room, to show the building renovation renderings);
  • 5、Use the mouse to a custom area, be free to paste the picture: Mosaic Border, mosaic puzzle, Mosaic gradients;
  • 6、Mosaic Design Features: Create wall width and height, mosaic particle size, single-joint size, add mosaic particles produced mosaic renderings, save construction drawings and the number of particles;
  • 7、According to the picture to make a mosaic renderings generated by the Mosaic particles, and produce construction drawings, live shows;
  • 8、Software can produce gradient, random production, labor substitution, change the number of particles according to different needs;
  • 9、Save punctually, can continue to operate next time,generate rendering immediately and print it out;
  • 10、Automatic demo function;
  • 11、Upgrade online for free;
  • 12、Multiple language versions available.
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