Main Usage:

4Design Decorative Material Software is a display software of real vision and convenient presentation.This series of software including wallcovering(wallpaper,wall art) software,tile software,mosaic software,curtain software,floor software,carpet software and furniture software,which can change wallcovering,mural,tile,mosaic,floor,carpet,wall paint,furniture, curtain,door assembly and so on randomly in various styles of rooms;can make customers see the all decorative materials’s paving effect and the whole rooms’tie-in effect intuitively.Customers will choose conveniently,the sales figures will be higher, and the corporate image will be better!

For Who:

It can be widely used in store to display design,tender engineering design,personal service needs,as well as a variety of manufacturers design,etc.


Currently decorative material software is good in display of store sales,but with the development of technology,store sales is not as easy as selling a chair,a glass of water.It needs better marketing methods,better service philosophy to attract and consolidate customers.So,our software can display decorative material by large-screen TV and projector better,and it has these functions as below:
1、 It can attract new customers;
2、 It can consolidate the old customers to have a effect of mouth to mouth;
3、 Display clear and intuitively to avoid each side’s conflict afterwards.
4、Software’s operation is simple,you can operate it proficiently as long as you click the mouse.

Software Features:

  • 1、Function rooms’selection(There’re 250 rooms of different styles for choice currently,and there’re new function rooms for alternative every month);
  • 2、Self-help accretion of materials (Users can add their own pictures of wallpaper,curtain,cloth art,floor,carpet,tile,etc. into the software’s gallery);
  • 3、Self-help accretion of room types;
  • 4、Pictures of material’s self-help modification(Without any aid of third-party software,can cut,cutout the pictures of materials you took);
  • 5、Immediately replace the decoration materials(change the wallpaper,curtain,floor,carpet,furniture,door,ceiling, different styles of space randomly,then customers can see the tie-in effect of the room instantly);
  • 6、Material retrieval management(According to the number,warm and cold color of wallpaper to retrieve wallpaper separately);
  • 7、Product’s picture real-time collection(users can set an outer camera on the computer,real-time collected conveniently and swiftly);
  • 8、The adjustment of product’s size, position, direction;
  • 9、Featured function of wallpaper module:By pave and left-right symmetry to realize the effect of wallpaper on the wall smartly,and adjust the size,location of wallpaper;
  • 10、Featured function of curtain module:it can adjust the size,can adjust the size,are hang,bias hang,move H,move V,change the head,curtain yarn,curtain cloth or the whole curtain,etc;
  • 11、Featured function of floor module: can pave the floor according to different floor paving way,and create different effects;
  • 12、Select the floor,wall,furniture,curtain,cloth art,door decoration,ceiling,etc.then,generate rendering immediately and print it out;
  • 13、Save punctually, it’s convenient to operate next time;
  • 14、Automatic demo function;
  • 15、Upgrade online for free. ……
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