Main Usage:

For curtain cloth retailers,just take photos of curtain cloth and style of curtain by cameras,can show various curtain rendering in front of your customers,Avoid the complex process of processing the curtain cloth into finished curtains in the past.It’s convenient for customer’s choice and improve sales conversion rates,and according to various room types that customers choose,can collocate curtain,wallpaper, mural,tile,mosaic,carpet,wall paint,furniture,door decoration, show the whole room’s tie-in effect.
  • 1、Make customers to feel the effect of the actual fabric in one second.
  • 2、A terminal marketing assistant that can enhance the rate of sales.
  • 3、There is no limit of curtain scene gallery’s number,if you add pictures,you can use the software,without professional designers’operation.
  • 4、The curtain scene style gallery quantity without limit , the taken pictures can use the software, no need professional design personnel to operate.
  • 5、Change dull marketing of storefront pure samples show, and realize the marketing of electronic information age, increasing interaction with customers.

For Who:

It can be widely used in store to display design,factory design,and meet personal need of customers all-round.


Take “Replacement of fabric” for example:make fabric into bulk in the showroom,maybe you couldn’t make all your cloth art to bulk for customers to alternative,under the influence of space and decoration,only in the form of hang tags and samples in the showroom.If all the cloth can be showed with various styles,various decoration styles(like:European,classical,modern),various rooms to customers directly,must be greatly improve their purchase desire.

Curtain Rendering:

Feature of Software:

  • 1、Function rooms’ selection(There’re 250 rooms of different styles for choice currently);
  • 2、Self-help accretion of materials (Users can add their own pictures of curtain,cloth,etc. into the software’s gallery);
  • 3、Self-help accretion of room types(Users can use camera to shot down the scenes,add to the software,then select materials easily );
  • 4、Pictures of material’s self-help modification(Without any aid of third-party software,can cut,cutout the pictures of materials you took);
  • 5、Hang curtains on different specifications of windows randomly,and show 3D curtain rendering(French window,square window,round window,special-shaped window,sky window,tiger window,framed window,frameless window……);
  • 6、Collocate different fabric and then replace any parts on the style sketches,and keep the light,shadow,,fold at the same time vividly,(including curtain,curtain yarn,sofa,back package,bedspread,wallpaper,floor,furniture,decorations,etc. );
  • 7、Material retrieval management(According to the number,warm and cold color of curtain to Product’s picture real-time collection(users can set an outer camera on the computer,real-time collect curtain image conveniently and swiftly);
  • 8、retrieve curtain separately);
  • 9、Featured function of curtain module:Curtain Design,select various curtain heads,curtain bodies,curtain yarn and other accessories,and decorate a new curtain rendering,according to customers’demands.
  • 10、Save punctually, can continue to operate next time,generate rendering immediately and print it out;
  • 11、Automatic demo function;
  • 12、Upgrade online for free;
  • 13、Multiple language versions available.
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