Main Usage:

4Design tile design software enables businesses to quickly according to market demand, design different tile renderings, combined with 4Desgin software for decorative display. Not only convenient for the end customers to buy, but also better able to demonstrate their own operating tiles. Zero cost, add an unlimited amount of material libraries, allowing customers what you see is what you get.

For Who:

It can be widely used in store display design, tender engineering design, personalized service and other needs. Use the platform can be desktop computers, laptop computers, especially touch screen and so on. Can be used for windows8, windows7, window2000, windowsXP, windows Vista, windowsNT other operating systems.


"Experience-service sales model" has gradually penetrated into any one corner of the tile sales market. A sofa, a mouse, you can change the shop pure samples show dull marketing, marketing for electronic information, increase interaction with customers. Also supports large-screen TVs and projectors to better display decorative materials.

Tile Rendering:


Feature of Software:

  • 1、Function rooms’ selection(There’re 250 rooms of different styles for choice currently);
  • 2、Self-help accretion of materials (Users can add their own pictures of curtain,cloth,etc. into the software’s gallery);
  • 3、Self-help accretion of room types(Users can use camera to shot down the scenes,add to the software,then select materials easily );
  • 4、Self-help materials to add functionality (customers can add their own tiles, plaster line, brick and other materials pictures to the gallery);
  • 5、Use the mouse to a custom area, be free to paste the picture: tile waist, floor tiles sideline, tile mosaic;
  • 6、Features tile module: create walls, floors, tile size, use a different tile colors to design a different shape: H, rice-shaped, sloping paving ...... show the effect of the entire color tile design.
  • 7、Save punctually, can continue to operate next time,generate rendering immediately and print it out.
  • 8、Automatic demo function;
  • 9、Upgrade online for free;
  • 10、Multiple language versions available.
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