Main Usage:

4Design integrated ceiling software is a ceiling presentation software that views distinctly, shows conveniently, The software can easily replace the integrated ceiling pictures in different styles of space, so that customers can be very intuitive to see the effect of pavement with the effect of ceiling and the entire space of other styles of decorative materials. In addition, dealers can be combined with a variety of practical needs of customers (such as room type, style, ceiling molding) fast match for customers to do planning, comprehensive to meet customer demand; novel electronic marketing, but also convenient for the customer selection.

For Who:

It can be widely used in store display design, tender engineering design, personalized service and other needs. Use the platform can be desktop computers, laptop computers, touch screen can also be used. Can be used for windows8, windows7, window2000, windowsXP, windows Vista, windowsNT other operating systems.


Purchasing Guide will also use the 3D ceiling design software, DIY self design, using 4design marketing model! Requires only a computer can explain the business and the customer face to face, without waiting for the scene to customers renderings, marketing design integration, never lost a customer!

Integrated ceiling Rendering:

Feature of Software:

  • 1、Function rooms’ selection(There’re 250 rooms of different styles for choice currently);
  • 2、Self-help materials to add functionality (customers can add their own ceiling, plaster, Yuba and other materials into the software image gallery);
  • 3、Self-help accretion of room types(Users can use camera to shot down the scenes,add to the software,then select materials easily );
  • 4、Depending on the size creates Room (Customers can enter the length, width and height, to create a 3D model of the room, showing renovation renderings);
  • 5、Ceiling lighting effects play slots, set a different light color, light quantity;
  • 6、Ceiling module features: New top surface, ceiling size, use a different ceiling design different images integrated ceiling shape, with plaster, lighting, display the entire ceiling design renderings;
  • 7、Save punctually, can continue to operate next time,generate rendering immediately and print it out;
  • 8、Automatic demo function;
  • 9、Upgrade online for free;
  • 10、Multiple language versions available.
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