Main Usage:

"FourDesign incoming customer management software" 4Dcrm is the use of computer software to expand telephone Caller ID, the software automatically detects the incoming information, check customer information database based on the caller's number, customer data is automatically transferred out of power, the occurrence of business records and other default information. So you can get the caller's information in the first time, accounting for the business initiative. To improve business efficiency, establish a good corporate image.

Incoming Customer Management Interface:

Product Features:

  • 1calls pop-up customer information. When a customer calls, the "call" quick play screen pops up details of customers (such as name, phone, address), business records and other relevant information by default;
  • 2display Caller ID card type, attribution, area code information;
  • 3the customer calls content management. Content can be viewed at any time and calls edit, delete, etc;
  • 4SMS single, mass function. The operator can edit the text messages on a computer and sent to the selected user group,receiving external support bulk import numbers;
  • 5customer information management functions. You can use the data manager for customer data easily modify, delete, import,export and other operations;
  • 6automatic search for caller ID information to let you quickly learn the customer's intention to call, details of customer calls and respond quickly ......
  • 7other commonly used functions.

The Main Advantages:

  • 14DCRM software interface software interface is simple, beautiful, generous, stable, easy to operate;
  • 2strong customer information management software to add an unlimited amount of customer information, such as: caller ID, call history, contact information, etc.;
  • 3statistical analysis, customer statements easy to sort, search, analysis, statistics, import / out customer information;
  • 4the software for the stand-alone version, it can be operated without networking.
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